Thursday, April 25, 2013

Side Table Sale!

Ever love to just walk around inside a shop just cause everything in there is so beautiful, or watch a movie not really for the story but for the gorgeous scenery that is in the movie?  I do it all the time!!

I have watched "Something's Gotta Give" about a dozen times because her house in that movie is so pretty!  Same is true for a few of my favorite shops...just walking around in them sipping on a cup of coffee and gathering inspiration from all the gorgeous décor is something I love to do.  So the other day I was in one of my favorite places White Rabbit Cottage

Even from the street it draws you in with the cute lil white house and picket fence.

..and there I saw the prettiest little side table! Reaching for the price tag I expected to see a large number but was pleasantly surprised to see a price that was oh so affordable! 

 I received a coupon a few days earlier for 20% off one in stock item  for White Rabbits Spring Tent Sale!
However, the sale didn't start for about a week , so I just kept my fingers crossed that this table was still available. 
(Ric thought I should go ahead and get it without the coupon in case someone else purchases it, but the thought of saving some money kept me from doing it. )

The sale day came...I walked in and it was sitting there just waiting for me to take it home!! YAY! :)

For a price that is less than something I could find at Target, with quality craftsmanship and a gorgeous that is a good deal!!

The end of the couch is one of my favorite spots (it's where I start my day with bible study and coffee.)
So, surrounding myself with some of my favorite things first thing in the morning is important to me.
This table reflects those things

A picture of me and my mom when I was a baby

A piece of coral that my mom pulled out of the ocean on one of our beach trips growing up, and a huge shell that Carson found at Tybee Island last year.

Reminders of the ocean.. which I love and always seems to give me a sense of calm.

My new turtle and dragonfly found the perfect spot!

This is a stone coaster my sister made out of a piece of tile and a stamp...I love it! A great reminder to "Trust in the Lord" everyday! (you can see my coffee ring on it from my mug every morning...ha!)

My "crew"!  That man and those boys are my life!

My favorite flower!

Ms. Maggie on the corner of the couch (her favorite spot)

She loves the new table too! HA!

This chippy, distressed, imperfect table is so beautiful!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Guest Bathroom Reveal

"May All Who Enter as Guest...Leave As Friends" 

This is the quote that once graced our guest bathroom.  I love this quote and plan to find it again to add to the new updated guest bathroom.  With our downstairs "spruce" in motion, we gave a little new life to the guest bathroom.  Just a few changes made a huge impact.  Paint (a decorators best friend), bead-board on vanity, new hardware and fixtures and a simple shower curtain.  One day we will get rid of the vinyl flooring and replace with herringbone tiles but for now at least the colors look good.

                 Inspiration photo for the bathroom:

                                      Before Pictures

Progress Picture: Added Bead-board to side of vanity

After: Reveal

Hand towels from Potterybarn, with the center one monogrammed
(Southerner's monogram everything) lol!

Curtain Panels from World Market (half the price of the Pottery Barn ones)

Love this basket

For all of you who love all the gray cabinets on Pinterest..I found the perfect Gray Color.
It is Gray Mist Chalk Paint by Rethunk Junk

Martha Stewart hardware from Home Depot

My husband added a simple trim around our builder grade mirror and with a little paint it looks so great!

Light fixture from

I'm so excited with my mason jar soap dispenser find from Love Street, everything looks cute in a mason jar!

Faucet from

All of our hardware is Polished Nickel not Chrome..I love the slight black hue it has

Small Changes...BIG Impact!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shine On!

Yesterday at approx. 11am, there was a knock at the front door.  Ric opened the door... turned to me (sitting at my desk working) and sang....  "Baby get your Shine On"  then placed the following two boxes in my foyer.

If you remember, a few weeks ago I was struggling to find lamps for my new accent table (post found here)...well, I found them and they have arrived!!! 
Initially, the first lamp on my "Lamps Where Are You?" post was my fave, but it was kinda expensive.  But, the Lord works in GLORIOUS ways and it was on Sale for 50% off at  Score! 

I literally LOVE every angle and detail of these lamps so I took a lot of pics!!

Candlestick base

Burlap Shade (I love burlap)

Distressed finish

I got these two at one of my favorite little shop's White Rabbit Cottage
I shared my love for Dragonflies in a previous post (click here to read) but one of my other favorites is Sea Turtles which started after reading a book titled "The Beach House" by Mary Alice Monroe. It reminds me of Family! Which makes putting it in front of a picture of my Grandma Fry, who has passed away is the perfect spot.


Florida Georgia Line