Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Body Under Construction

With all the home renovations this past year, my husband and I have been "slackers" at the gym and have eaten out more than ever before. 
So it is time to get back at it!! 

I have had several people ask me about my eating and workout plan so here it is...
***Please note that I am not a nutritionist or a personal trainer, but through research and trial and error I have found what works for me***
This eating/workout plan is what I did a few years ago when I was in the best shape of my life, and I'm so ready to get back to that. My plan is broken down for my schedule so you will just need to adjust for what times work for you.
The best thing to do when you start a new training plan is tell others your plan and goals so that they can hold you accountable. Feel free to share your goals and I will be your accountability partner.

The following are my goal stats:
Weight: 125lbs-132lbs (this is where I look and feel my best)

The following quote is found everywhere on Pinterest, but it is so true and these 3 principles are the heart of my plan

Eat Clean
I buy as much organic food possible, and try to eat fresh non-processed foods

**Prepare meals ahead of time and label and store portions in fridge so you just grab and go**
My prep days are Sunday and Wednesday

**Eat first meal within an hour of waking up to jump start your metabolism
**Eat 5-6 small meals spaced about every 3 hours to keep your metabolism up
**Drink tons of water and get 7-8 hours of sleep
**Add supplements such as CLA-(helps with toning), Fish Oil-(helps with weight loss), multivitamin(helps with adding the nutrients needed while lifting weights), Vitamin C-(helps with immune system when working out a lot) and Flaxseed (aids in weight loss) BCAA's (help with growth and repair of your muscles) Glutamine (aids in muscle recovery, and digestion of protein, fats and carbs)

I have 2 different eating plans that I follow (Plan 1 and Plan 2), my schedule is Plan 1 for 2 days, then Plan 2 for 2 days then repeat. Remember this is the times that work for me cause I am a morning person, so just adjust as needed.

Plan 1:
5:00am- wake up (this is when I have my coffee with Stevia for sweetener and do bible study)
5:30-6-AM cardio on treadmill (doing cardio in the morning on an empty stomach has proven to help me burn fat the fastest, and it puts me in a good mood for the day)
6am-Meal #1: 5 egg whites/veggies (spinach or asparagus in egg white omelet) 1 serving of starch (steel cut oats with berries or 1 slice of Ezekiel bread) (take 1 multi vitamin, 2 CLA, and 1 Fish Oil, you can mix one tablespoon of flaxseed oil in your oatmeal after it is cooked.. don't heat up the flaxseed)
9am: Meal #2 Whey Protein shake 25g protein ( I use ISO 100 with unsweetened Almond Milk or water)
12pm-Meal #3 4-6oz lean meat (I usually eat chicken or tilapia), 1 cup of asparagus and 1 serving of brown rice
3pm-Meal #4: celery and 1 tblsp. Natural peanut butter
6pm-Meal #5: 6oz of white fish or chicken, 1 cup of green veggie (asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, or spinach salad with oil/vinegar dressing or balsamic vinegarette) (Optional: add one serving of starch like sweet potato or rice) (take 2 CLA, and 1 Fish Oil)
8pm-Meal #6: Casein protein shake

Plan 2:

Essentially the same as above but with these changes:
*Meal #1- use 1 whole Omega 3 egg and 4 egg whites
*Meal #3- add 1oz of Almonds with your meal
*Meal #6- 6oz of Salmon or lean red meat as your protein

***Limit Fruit to twice a day: I eat berries first thing in the morning with my oatmeal and will have a half of a banana before my workout

**If weight training in afternoon**
10:15-preworkout drink (I use one from Gaspari Nutrition) and (take vitamin C)
11-11:45- weight training

**I take Glutamine and  BCAA's before and after my workout**

**If weight training in evening**
4pm-preworkout drink and (take vitamin C)
4:45-5:30-weight training

Below are the foods I like and use:
Drinks: water, water, water, coffee in morning with Stevia in the raw, green tea
Condiments: mustard, calorie free bbq (I use the one by Walden Farms), reduced sodium soy sauce, hot sauce
Spices: Mrs. Dash seasoning (it's low in sodium)
Dressings: Balsamic(low sugar or sugar free) I like the one by Walden Farms, oil/vinegar
Oils: I usually cook with coconut or olive oil
Fat protein: avocado, almonds, natural peanut butter, salmon
Lean Protein: cod, halibut, flounder, mahi mahi, tilapia, grouper, egg whites, chicken breast, sirloin, bison, scallops
Flours: rice and quinoa
Sweeteners: Stevia in the raw, pure organic maple
Fruits: watermelon, blueberry, apple, orange, strawberries, banana
Vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, spinach brussel sprouts, celery, asparagus, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, green beans
Dairy: unsweetened almond milk, greek yogurt, cottage cheese
Carbs: black beans, Ezekiel bread, steel cut oats, brown rice, sweet potato, rice pasta or Ezekiel whole wheat pasta
Cheat foods: pumpkin flax granola with almond milk if I'm craving cereal, Wholesome Medley mix (almonds, dried cranberries and dark chocolate) if I need chocolate.

Train Mean

Cardio: 30-45 min in the morning 7 days a week (I feel better when I do it everyday and my best results are when I vary inclines with short sessions of sprints)
Weight training: I change my weight training every 4 weeks. 

Current weight training schedule:
Day 1: Chest/calves/abs
Day 2: Legs/Plyo
Day 3:Cardio only
Day 4:Back/Abs
Day 5:Bi's/Tri's/Ham's (biceps, triceps, hamstrings)
Day 6:shoulders/abs
Day 7:cardio only

Right now I am doing 3-4 sets of each with 12-15 reps with lighter weight
I always use weight that I can get thru all the reps with good form but where you feel the burn on the last 3 reps.
I don't rest long periods between sets..around 30-45 seconds

Get Lean

Personal experience tips:
*Get a notebook- take all your measurements and progress pics (it's amazing how much your body will change) Seeing that change is my biggest motivator.  
*clean out your fridge and pantry getting rid of the junk-buy good food and you'll eat good food
*Set goals-tell someone- and set reminders for yourself (I have a picture of my favorite fitness competitor "Justine Munro" hanging on my bulletin board in my office so I see it everyday for motivation)-she is my same height and looks exactly how I want to.
*If you are new to weight training- it would be good to get a personal trainer to show you the correct form for different workouts

**Keep at it- it's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it**


  1. Hi! First time stopping by:) I like your nutrition program. I'm familiar with the Gaspari Nutrition plan and your entire list of foods is wonderful. Good for you! I'm sure you are fit and healthy!


  2. Thank you!! I am a firm believer in if you eat good you'll feel good!! These past couple months with all the home renovations it has been tough and eating out just seemed easier, but it certainly takes a toll on your body. SO, I am super pumped to get back at it!! :)