Monday, April 15, 2013

Pinterest Love

Sadly Spring Break is over and it's time to go back to work.  As much as I thrive on routine, I am sad to see the freedom of no schedule be over.  What a GREAT couple days off!!   Time with my family, relaxing and drinking coffee with my husband every morning, taking a bubble bath in our Jacuzzi garden tub in the middle of the afternoon just because I wanted to, and of course a few projects that I am super excited to share with y'all!! One of my favorites is our guest bathroom reno/spruce...I am just waiting on the new faucet to arrive and it will be completed!! But for a sneak peak here is the Pinterest inspiration for the bathroom: (for all of you who love this gray vanity, I found the perfect paint color)  Stay tuned for this project reveal

But for now I wanted to share a small Pinterest project that was super easy and turned out awesome!! (I apologize for not taking progress pics but it was so easy and fast that I didn't think to take a pic)

Here is the inspiration:

I love the color of the frames and the burlap mats!

  I bought 3 frames that were a natural wood color and I applied a light stain (Varathane wood stain in Sunbleached)- I am so in love with this stain!  I actually found 2 burlap mats (at Homegoods)  but I needed 3.... so, I took a regular white mat, cut some burlap, wrapped it around the mat and hot glued it on the back.   Voila! Pinterest project complete!!!

(cutest boys!) wink!

 I heart Pinterest!!!

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