Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lamps where are you?

 For months I have been casually looking at accent tables for the wall behind my couch.  (The one we had was kinda small-see pic below)

I had commented on a few but never really picked one out. 
Well, my wonderful husband found and bought me the most perfect accent table ever and a bigger clock for the wall!! They're so pretty! I love everything about them from the size, to the design to the finish...gorgeous!!

The table could not fit this wall any better!! Perfection!

I am in love with the colors and patina on this clock!

He captured my style to a "T" even down to the french crown and words "Dream Country, Paris"

(the family tree vase is my favorite decor piece on this table- perfect for the living room where we all gather and spend the most time)

When the table was delivered my husband said "Now you can get two of those lamps you see everywhere and love- cause now you have enough room on this table!" (Love that man!!) But the lamps that I see everywhere are gone.  :(

Why is it that whenever Im not looking for something particular I see it everywhere.... and when I am looking for it, it's no where to be found?? (story of my life!) 

I am very much a "buy in store" kind of person. I like to see it and touch it before I buy it, so online shopping is scary for me.  However, I am willing to give it a try.

 So far this these are the lamps I have found that I like...what do y'all think? 
                         ( I love the ivory distressed candlestick look and the burlap shade)

The distressing on this one is so pretty but Im not crazy about the shade

The colors on this lamp are so pretty, I love the touch of green trim on the shade.



  1. Luv luv luv new table! I like all 3 lamps, the middle was my fav just consider changing shades, I do it all the time to change things up! Luv the tree vase too!