Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Home Tour~ Dining Room

Many of you have messaged me requesting that I do a post of a home tour of my house.  So here it is finally!...Well, the start of it anyways.  :)

I'm going to start with one of my favorite rooms, the dining room!   I love so much about this space. It was one of the only rooms that was literally a blank canvas when we moved in, and I couldn't wait to fill it with a big farmhouse table.



Our table and chairs are one of a kind, from a man in Woodstock who restores antiques and believe it or not this is not a set, but blends perfectly together.  Distressed finishes, huge pedestal bases and burlap seats-love, love, love it all!   Plus, there is something about having an antique table and chairs that has withstood the years and has been a part of someone's past.  I wish I knew the families that once gathered at this table...I wonder what memories have been shared around it. 
Did I mention how heavy it is? or that the table is one solid piece? Yep, it was interesting to watch them try and get it thru my front door and into this room. Good thing I wasn't attached to my door trim cause it had to all come off to get it inside. :)

The lantern lights with Edison bulbs just finish off the look! Love them!

The curtains are not exactly what I planned for the space, however I had some leftover fabric and trim from the pillows I made for the end chairs and decided to make this until I decide exactly what I want....I still haven't decided ;)

One of my favorite items in this room are my barn prints. Photos were taken by a photographer friend of mine, Jason Pendley, and the windows Ric and I found at a salvage shop. Ric built the ledge at the bottom and the made the shutters out of cedar planks. 
I wanted to have the feeling that you were looking out a window and into a day maybe I'll live on a farm and have real windows with this kind of view. However, until then these are perfect!

Anyone who comes into my house knows I have a love of throw pillows.  They are everywhere, but I just think they cozy up a space. I didn't want a dining room that wasn't comfy.

My centerpiece is probably the coolest thing I own. Ric got this for me for my birthday last year. It is a huge piece of handcarved wood that has been burned (it even smells like firewood). It is one of my most favorite things to fill with seasonal décor.

Lastly, our china cabinet.  In a previous post I shared the refinishing that I did on this.
I originally got this about 9 or 10 years ago at a thrift store for practically nothing. It has been painted a few times but last year I think it found its permanent color. I love how classic it looks! The curved lines were perfect for a little distressing and it looks great with my white china (which I never use cause it is not microwave or dishwasher safe...LOL!)

Okay, one room down....on to the next! :)


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    1. Thanks darlin'!!! Did you pick out paint colors for your kitchen yet? I'll help you if you need me to! :)

  2. Everything about the room is beautiful! I love your center piece and the way you did the lighting over the table. Just lovely.....

  3. Everything about the room is beautiful! I love your center piece and the way you did the lighting over the table. Just lovely.....

    1. Thank you!!!! There is something about lantern lights that always draw me in. I just adore them!! :)

  4. Where did you get your lantern lighting ... if you don't mind me asking!

    1. At Home Depot!!!! :) Home Depot actually carries soooo much amazing home decor from rugs, to furniture etc but most of it is online only. Im addicted to their website now because the quality is awesome and so is the price!!