Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One brush...3 cleaning

A few weeks ago I painted my accent clock and mirror.   I absolutely love the results of this finish!

Both the clock and the mirror had a black finish to start with.  Since they were more of a wood/plastic composite material and not actual wood, I used chalk paint so that I would not need to sand them. But, if you are painting wood and want to use regular paint then start by prepping the surface with liquid sand paper.

I did not take pictures of the clock as I was painting, so the tutorial will show the mirror but they were the same color to start.

The paint technique I used is called Dry Brushing.  Basically, you just layer different paint colors by only putting a little bit of paint on the tips of your brush and then lightly brushing it on. You want each layer of color to be visible thru the other.  (I had a paper plate that I would blot my brush on to remove any excess before applying.) 
Since I used chalk paint I did not need to use a primer, but if you are not using chalk paint then I suggest applying a light primer.

The first color I used was Gray Mist

(1st coat)

One light coat all over the surface
2nd coat was - French Vanilla, followed by washing lightly over the top with a little mint hue of some wall paint I had "Benjamin Moore Gray Owl OC-52" (I didn't wash my brush between colors, it added to the layers and made cleaning easy)
and lastly I sealed it with rubbing a little bit of walnut wax polish over the entire surface.
**If you are painting furniture or a surface that will be used a lot, I suggest using a glaze instead  of the wax or sealing it with a lacquer or polyacyrilic. **

(2nd coat)

(3rd coat)

Love the farmhouse feel it has!

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