Thursday, November 1, 2012

From the inside looking out....

Happy November!!! 

Over the past few months Ric and I have been redecorating our dining room.  We love the farmhouse style and wish that we lived on a ton of land with a big ole' barn that we could look out the window and see. But, since that dream has not become a reality yet we decided to do something similar. 

It started with a window we found at a thrift store for $10...we sanded it and Ric built shutters with cedar on each side.

 We built a ledge and trim on the bottom and painted it.
We used leftover white trim paint for the window and ledge and  Varathane wood stain in "Sunbleached" for the shutters (tip: don't get the stain/polyurethane in one...just get the stain...the all in one does not turn out the same color)
To complete the look,  our good friend and amazing photographer Jason Pendley (Jason Pendley Photography) took some barn pics of barns on his parents land and we enlarged them and put them behind our faux windows.  From the inside looking out our farmhouse dreams now inspire us everyday!

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