Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!!

I'm so excited for a New Year and a fresh start!! 2012 was an amazing year but as I look back on my "resolutions" from last year I realize that I accomplished all of them except the ones for me.  With a home, full-time job, a wonderful husband, 3 amazing kids, and 2 crazy and sweet dogs, most of my days are focused on making sure everyone and everything around me are taken care of and happy (which is a common occurance for most moms and wives)  I love the homemaking life and I love being an equal provider for my family, but I know I can do better.  I know I can be a healthier example for my family, a more fun mom, a less stressed employee, a sexier wife (wink-wink), a more active dog owner, and have a more organized home.
I'm not making "resolutions" this year since a resolution is an intent to accomplish, I'm making "solutions".

 So here are my 2013 Solutions!

1. Start my day focused on what is most important: wake up 30 min earlier before the dogs and kids are up and start my day in quiet time with God. Just me, a cup of coffee and Jesus!
2. Take a lunch break away from my desk to de-stress and regroup: I work from home so I am going to take 30 min of my lunch break and get on the treadmill. "Exercise produces endorphines and endorphines make you happy...and happy people just don't shoot people..they just don't"-(name that movie quote)
3. Take the dogs for a walk everyday after work: I tend to jump straight into cleaning the house, doing the laundry and cooking right after work, but the days that I do go straight out for a walk I feel refreshed and much happier to do housework when I get back instead of complaining while I do it...plus the dogs get more exercise and are less rowdy!
4. Look my best each day: I always feel better and happier when my hair is fixed and I have cute clothes on. :) I try to do this now, but I could do a better job of it.  I usually will still shower, fix my hair and look some what presentable each day, but since I work from home I usually wear pj's most of the day...so a little shopping for some cute outfits that are still comfy is on my "to do" list this week.
5. Pretty nails- having pretty nails and toes is like a bed being made...if the bed is made the room looks clean if the room is clean and the bed isn't made it looks like chaos. So rather I do it myself or have it done, a mani/pedi is a must reguarly (plus this is a great girls day activity)
6. Quality time with Ric: Ric and I love to do house projects and it is such a fun thing for both of us to do together, but we are definitely going to continue the "year of dates" idea this year. It's so fun to try new things together.
7. Spend more time with my friends: girl talk is the best therapy ever!!!
8. Be a kid with my kids: spending time with the kids is always top priority, and family night is a weekly activity but my kids love if I just take 15 min and verse them on Mario on their DS, or play Nerf war outside..it doesn't take much time or effort but they love it!
9. January is National Organization Month: I love organization! But, I do have a few areas in my home and life that could use some organization. Starting with my purse!
10. Live in the moment: When I having quiet time with the Lord...be in the moment! When I have playing with my kids...be in the moment! When I am with my husband...be in the moment!  Don't rush thru moments but enjoy each one!

Happy 2013!!!!


  1. great resolutions! well said. wishing you and your family the best in 2013!

  2. Thank you!!! I hope 2013 is AMAZING for you and your family also!!!

  3. I think #10 is the best one of all! Right there with you!