Friday, October 26, 2012

Good Morning Y'all!
This is my first offical blog ever...and Im struggling with technical difficulties already :(   For some reason I am getting a server error everytime I try and upload I apologize for the "under construction" status of my blog. Honestly,  I feel completely out of my league in this blog world, as I scroll the pages of gorgeous homes, crafty DIY projects and amazing women who write post with so much wit!  But, among this sense of doubt for my success there is a southern girl with a passion for making life beautiful who is anxious and excited to share this passion with the world.  

So here's my story in a nutshell:
 I just turned 30 and have never felt more sure of who I am and comfortable with that person than I am right now. I have always wanted to be a mom and wife and I am so grateful to have the spouse and children that God has blessed me with.
 I am married to the greatest man I know. He works very hard and believes that good things come to those who work for it...but he was wrong-good things don't come...Great things come!!!  We both share a passion for home projects and Im so blessed to have a man who is so handy!! (not to mention he is really good eye candy while we work too! )  ha!   Basically, if I can dream it (or find it on Pinterest) he can build it !  We are a perfect match!!  We purchased our first home together 2 years ago and are  working to make this house a home.
I am also a mother of 3 boys!! Tough, dirty, stinky, cutie pie little boys..who are quickly becoming young men! They do things everyday that make me ask myself "what am I doing wrong?"...and then one unloads the clean dishwasher so he can put his dirty cereal bowl away and I know Im raising them right!   They are all completely different but have one thing in common...their hearts are sweet as southern tea and they love of Jesus!

Among being a devoted wife and loving mother, I also work full time.  I started out about 7 years ago in Real Estate as a struggling full commission agent who loved her evenings and weekends with her boys.  As those evenings and weekends became less and less since that was when everyone else could house hunt.. I knew I needed a change.  Two years ago I got my license for loan origination.  Yes, this outgoing people person now sits at a desk and works with numbers all day.  But, the sales side of me still loves the interaction with the borrowers and agents, and the set daily hours and ability to work from my home with a steady paycheck gives me the quality of life I desired!  Not having to commute in Atlanta traffic is quality of life in itself!!! :) With this quality of life, it also gives me freedom! Freedom of evenings and weekends! Freedom to have date night and family night whenever my husband has a night off!  Freedom to enjoy my passion of creating beautiful pieces for my home and the freedom to strive toward a dream of owning my own lil shop one day filled with gorgeous rustic furniture with lime wash finishes and burlap covered seats!!
Well, this nutshell was more of a whole nut...but this is who I am! Just a southern girl  that loves God, loves her family and wants to make the most of everyday the Lord gives me! Days where the tea is sweet, the style is country and faith is strong! This my friends is  Southern Grace!! ~S


  1. Welcome to the blog world, Susan! I've enjoyed your comments today and am so glad you introduced yourself! Happy Friday to you!

  2. LOVE it Sue! Best wishes!! XOXO- Laura Beth

  3. I really have enjoyed reading your previous posts! You have a beautiful decorating style and I love that you and your husband are big DIY's. We are too! God bless you and your lovely family! Ana M.