Monday, February 11, 2013

A Year of Dates!

Men are very simple, but when it comes to gift giving for a gets a little more complicated.  I always find myself thinking "What in the world can I get Ric that will show my love for him but will actually be something he would like "(instead of something I would like) :)  Well, thanks to Pinterest, last year I decided to give him a "Year of Dates."  
Our lives are crazy busy...and usually when we would have a chance to have a date night we found ourselves not knowing what to go do because it was always last minute.  So, this was perfect!  12 fully planned out, paid for and scheduled dates. What man wouldn't love that?? No money, or planning needed...just put the date on the calendar and boom- your done!! Some dates were things we had never done and always wanted to, and some were timeless classics that we love time and time again.  It did take some time and thought on my part, but it was soo worth the fun and memories we made.   So, if you are wondering what to get your special someone for Valentines, a birthday or an anniversary....A Year of Dates is the way to go!  To help you get started here is the process for how I did it, and a preview of the dates I chose.

I started by just writing down some date ideas...then I researched what activities were going on in our area throughout the year.  Once I had my 12 ideas I decided the best months to do them and how much it would cost.    Tip: Groupon is awesome for purchasing date nights...just make sure you are aware of the expiration date.  If you shop at Kroger- you get sometimes 4x the fuel points if you buy gift instead of going to each place to buy a specific giftcard for meals or coffee, buy it all at Kroger and get the extra fuel points. 

***Bonus Idea:  For most of the dates, I made a little gift bag filled with themed items for the date***
 Well,, enough talking....lets get down to the date ideas that made my list!

On the back of this reads:
"Enclosed are 12 envelopes...each one containing a complete date night. On the first day of the month for the next year we will open the envelope, reveal the date and put it on the calendar. Get ready for fun days, new experiences, romantic moments and memories for a lifetime!
                                                                                     Love, S

                                    Our dates started on Valentines 2012 thru January 2013

Along with the 12 dates, I included a BONUS date! The Bonus date is one of Ric and I's all time favorite dates and can be combined with any other month or just as an extra special night throughout the month.  Make a bed on the livingroom floor, build a fire, grab some smore's and cuddle up with a movie or boardgame.

Our living room campout bed

February Date: Part 1: GUN RANGE!!  I had always wanted to learn to shoot a gun and had never been to a gun range.  So, I purchased a Groupon for a day at the range. We ended up spending hours up there and left with my very first gun purchase (and a pink bag to carry it in)  This was a new experience and is now a common love for us both!  After the day at the range, we came home ordered some chinese and watched Sons of Guns reruns on tv.  One of my favorite dates!
Bonus: gift bag had ear plugs, protection glasses and a target

February Date: Part 2: Ric actually had 2 days off in a row for Valentines so we had a "date weekend"
Part 2: was Mechanic Date Day!
I love cars and so does my husband! But, I do not know how work on cars and I don't know how to drive a 5 speed and I really want to learn both.  So, what better way than to get him some fun car stuff and make a date of him teaching me to install them on his car.  (I purchased a Cobb Tuner and an air intake for his 2012 Subaru WRX)
Bonus: gift bag had his tuner and air intake in was a surprise!

March Date: Stanford Spa Day
This we did at home. I turned our entire bedroom and bathroom into a candlelight, rose petal filled spa.   Relaxing in our huge jetted garden tub with my favorite bubble bath from Victoria Secret (the smell is amazing and your skin feels like silk afterwards) Then on to the massages. You can get massage oils from a lot of different places, but I got ours from Natural Body. Turn your bed into a massage table and take turns giving massages. ;) Then enjoy a little treat of Sparkling Cider (cause we don't like wine) and chocolate covered strawberries.  I covered up the last line of the Spa date in the picture because that is for my husbands eyes only, but this was a very intimate and relaxing way to connect with your spouse without spending a lot of money.
Bonus: Gift basket had strawberries, cider, massage oils, bubble bath, rose petals, tea light candles and 2 new large fluffy towels.

April Date: Picture Perfect Picnic
There is no better way to spend a gorgeous spring day, than at Kennesaw Mtn having a picnic with your best friend.  Picnic basket full of food, blanket, a football, a frisbee and a camera.  Go in the late afternoon and stay until the sun starts to go's absolutely gorgeous. 

May Date: Pirate Putt Putt
There is an amazing Putt Putt course near Stone Mountain,Ga. called Pirates Cove. It feels like you are playing putt putt at the beach!  At night the course has lights in the waterfalls and everything..soo fun!

June Date: Under the Sea
We actually planned to go to the Georgia Aquarium, but we went to the beach instead. :) Ric and I had an opportunity to spend a week at the beach in Clearwater, Florida during the same time that we had this date planned, so the beach trip won!

The view from our room!

July Date: Take me out to the Ball Game!
Nothing goes better than dinner at the Varsity and a Braves Game!!
Bonus: the gift bag for this had Big League bubble gum, cracker jacks and a foam finger

August Date: One of the Guys Night
"Let the xbox games begin! It's guys night baby (but with your favorite girl) complete with wings, pizza, rootbeer and me whoopin' your tail at the xbox!
This was a fun night! Just hanging out, eating junk and having a little healthy competition.
Although, Im really bad at boy xbox games....but I totally rock at Dance Central

September Date: Georgia State Fair
This was my first time ever going to the fair! and all I can say is....
I LOVE THE FAIR!  Ferris Wheel, Cotton Candy, Funnel Cakes...Oh My!!

October Date: HAPPY FALL!!
"Get Ready for me to be screaming and jumping on your back cause we are headed to the Haunted House! AHHH!"
"If we make it out alive we will enjoy some pumpkin lattes at Starbucks to celebrate. Its going to be BOO-Tastic!! (get it Boo cause you're my boo!) Haa! I know I'm a dork! Love you babe! "

Get on your RED and BLACK because we are going....

December Date: Ice Skating
Ice Skating hand and hand surrounded by twinkling lights and the sounds of Christmas the outdoor ice rink in Atlanta. Then warm up with some peppermint white mochas after a cold fun night!

January Date: Serendipity
**Trip to Serendipity in Buckhead for coffee and dessert then home for a movie**
Serendipity is Ric and I's favorite dessert place and we both love the Serendipity movie (for a chick flick, Ric doesn't mind it)

Join me as I stumble upon...trip over...fall into..accidentally finding...wonderful new discoveries to share with you!
Because in my world Serendipity is so much more....
then just about Love!

What are some of your favorite date night ideas? Comment and share...I'd love to hear about them

Happy Valentines!

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  1. THis is just so wonderful! I am sure Rick knows he is loved and appreciated! Will be doing this for my husband! Blessings on you and your wonderful husband! Ana